On November 28th, the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM presented Paul Harris Fellowships to six people in the Hamilton community who have exemplified the Rotary motto of 'Service Above Self'.

David Bowman
The recipient of the youth category award is sixteen-year-old David Bowman. David is an honours student who is heavily involved in school, church, and community activities. He plays the guitar during church services, has raised funds for third world countries, has volunteered as a camp counsellor as well as with a food shelter, and is an interpreter for Westfield Heritage Village. David would like to thank his parents for their guidance and support, as well as his sponsor Mike Shea and his other mentors.

Courtney Robinson
The next recipient is Courteney Robinson. Courtney has been volunteering since she was a young child. During her high school career she contributed a total of over 714 hours. Like David, she volunteers at summer day camps. In her spare time she draws, swims and spends time with her family. She is also an honours student. Courtney thanks Rotary for everything it has done. “This really does mean a lot to me,” she says.

John Peller
John Peller
, of Peller Estates Winery, received a fellowship. He has practised corporate and commercial law, and has also worked in management, marketing, sales, and planning. He has held many top positions, from COO to CEO. He has received the Citizen of the Year Award and an honorary degree from Niagara College. Every year, John contributes to the Rotary auction. He thanks his grandfather, a proud Rotarian and wishes to pay tribute to his life, and his robust, entrepreneurial career. John says, “the greatest day of my life started before I was born,” the day his grandfather moved to Canada.

Gord Sneath
Gord Sneath
was also honoured with a Paul Harris fellowship. Gord worked in retail before joining Peller Estates Winery. He is retired now, but has continued to care for his passion, Arabian horses. Although he didn't have a speech prepared, Gord spoke fondly about the Peller family. He has been with them off and on for sixty years. He would like to thank his sponsor as well as Rotary for honouring him.

Mike Shea
Rotary A.M.'s Mike Shea was honoured as well. Mike is known for his commitment to the community. He has made substantial contributions to policing and has served on over thirty committees. He volunteers and participates for dozens of charities, and is an active member of our Rotary club. Each year, Mike sells the majority of tickets to the Rotary auction. He is an example of Rotary's motto: service above self. Mike had few words to say, but that he considered the fellowship a“surprise and an honour.”

Karen Shea
The last recipient of this award is Karen Shea. Karen is an active member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Children's Aid Society, and the Horticultural Society. She has participated in the Miles for Smiles bike ride and is involved in City Kidz. The list goes on. Karen remembers her grandfather who received a Paul Harris award, and that he was very proud of it. She hopes the tradition will live on in her family.