With the support of his Rotary and fishing friends, Sandy Marincic pulled in another successful fishing experience for over 500 special needs individuals.  For some, the thrill of hauling in a trout or two is the best activity of the year!  Thanks to Robin and the stalwarts from the Dofasco Angler's Club for supplying the poles, worms and guidance to the participants.  The biggest problem this year was the fish were hungry and were eating every worm in sight. Many caught multiple fish, one person claimed 12 victories!
Rotarians stepped up to set up the bbq equipment and to feed all the participants and support staff.  Special mention of Springer's Meats for selling us hundreds of tasty beef hot dogs at a wholesale price.  Sandy's BBQ team included Mark, Ruth G, Celine, Frank, Paul R, Tim, Joe, John D, John B, John M, John J, Yolanda, Tom, Walter, Norm and Kyle.