What a wonderful Wonka evening on Friday, April 12 in the Son's of Italy Hall, Hamilton.  The Wonka Team "knocked it out of the park" as they say in baseball!  The decorations, the entertainment, the food and a great red wine made for a night to remember.
I am asking those with pictures and comments to submit them to Mark Ewer by email and this posting will be updated as they are submitted.  Let's see what you got!   Mark 
First out of the gate is an offering by Past-President and Past-District Governor, Anne Bermingham who writes: "Just a note to say you THANK YOU for putting together such a wonderful event on Friday night.  It was a fantastic theme - and a lot of fun to be part of it.  The decorations were fantastic.  And the fact that so many people got into the mood by dressing up was also an added bonus.  The whole evening went by fast and there was one fun thing happening - one after another!
I have no idea of the hours and effort and collaboration it took but it was spectacular.  I hope the Wonka Team is able to rest and relax and know you have done us all proud.  Thank you so much."
Marta Stiteler, one of our Wonka Team leaders shared: "I just want to say that we had an AMAZING team from start to finish - great participation from the Club and were so fortunate to receive such generosity from attendees.   My guests loved that there was so much to do, with the colouring, games, costume contest and entertainment (Great job Abi Veenstra) and just loved it." 
Club member Jayne Eastwood, star of stage and screen and accomplished artist added her thoughts: "My favourite thing was Marita not letting anybody go home until Julia's painting went for $3000. I want Marita on my side all the time. And God bless her she bought my painting!".
One of the key Wonka Team members, Yolanda Czyzewski-Bragues adds:  "Greetings ALL! Let me start by saying the event was great!  Our committee was eager and driven.  Everyone did exactly what they are good at and made it all happen.
I loved every moment, but one that stood out for me, was the moment our club gave Joe Mongiardi the Paul Harris Award. Over the years- when we started this minor fundraising "party" back in 2017...Joe was always a huge part of making it so successful. His award was SO well deserved. 
Wonka Team member, Celine Legret, added: "I loved the overall comraderie and seeing the very diverse and creative costumes that our team and guests came in, the Oompa Loompas winning team totally deserved it! 
Not everyone has the long history of planning special events such as this as was mentioned by Wonka Team and club member Elizabeth Ward in her note: "As a fairly new Rotarian, I knew virtually nothing about organizing a fundraiser such as this. Many thanks to all the hardworking, experienced folks on the committee who taught me so much about what it entails ( including having a good time along the way).