Club member, Cheryl Gzik introduced Mathilde Havard at the July 20 morning meeting at William's Fresh Cafe.  Mathilde is a 15 year old student from Bully, France staying with Cheryl and family in Hamilton for a 3 week visit to Canada. Mathilde spoke very good English and was able to describe her Canadian trip highlights so far, including tasting a very Canadian favourite; Poutine!  She highly recommend the new "Tunnel" attraction at Niagara Falls.  She will also get to experience boating and waterskiing in Huntsville on this trip.
 Cheryl is a very active Rotarian and is the STEP Coordinator for District 7090 (Short Term Exchange Program).  This summer, Cheryl's son Nelson is at a Rotary Youth Camp called "On the Sails of Sustainability" and is staying in Milan and Genoa, Italy. Then he travels to Switzerland to visit, Simona, our club's former Youth Exchange student. What a summer of travel for a very involved Rotary family!