At the Wednesday, February 14 morning meeting of the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM, Club Past-President, Clare Freeman, made an excellent presentation on the extensive services of the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic where she has been the Executive Director since January 24, 2022.
The clinic, founded on April 1, 2010 is funded by Legal Aid Ontario. The clinic aims to be as accessible as possible to those who may need its services. It is committed to adapting its services to meet community needs and working with individuals, groups and service providers to improve legal rights and promote access to justice. The clinic's staff and board members are active in local as well as provincial networks, agencies and coalitions to further this goal.
The clinic offers a broad range of services and these and the Mission and Vision of the organization can be viewed on their website at Mission/Vision - Hamilton Community Legal Clinic (  Potential clients can also apply for service directly on the website.
This morning's program confirmed the fact that often the best meeting presentations are made by club members themselves!