Joyce Leung, a Hamilton food blogger, was trained by her mother and claims that cooking is a part of every day for her.  Joyce worked as a line cook and was a manager for Red Lobster for seven years.  
In 2014 she started her Joyce of Cooking blog; and uses all her own photos and videos in her presentations.  
She says she is a marketing and events manager at Terra Greenhouses by day and blogger by night.  Her colourful website can be reached at:
During the pandemic, she has been able to give tips to businesses on how to market their products, particularly on social media.
Her in-person classes have moved online and her success has grown as a result.  She provides a grocery list in advance of the 30- 60 minute classes she offers.
One of her goals is to teach everyone how to make the very dishes that they often take-out.
Joyce also plays a valuable role promoting local restaurants.  Truly a "Hamilton gem", everyone one who loves good can benefit from an introduction to the "Joyce of Cooking"!