Cleaning Hamilton's Central ParkSaturday May 5, a group of engaged Rotarians participated in a Spring Clean-Up of Central Park in Hamilton (between Bay & Hess Streets).

If you are not familiar with the park, there is a playground, a baseball diamond, two tennis courts, and a basketball court. The park is an unusual shape, surrounded primarily by residential properties, which allows for garbage to be hidden in a variety of locations.

With the support of the City of Hamilton, who provided those present with gloves, garbage bags, and a Clean-up Trailer, our Club was not only able to pick-up about 9-bags of garbage, we were also able to clean-up other littered items like a discarded Christmas tree, a bundle of non-delivered flyers with the master cardboard that holds the flyers when dropped for distribution, and plenty of cigarette butts. Most importantly, we were able to properly secure some discarded "sharps" (re: needles) and associated drug paraphernalia from the park.

Rotarians at Central ParkThe Clean-up Trailer allowed for the playground and ball-diamond to be raked, the paved pathways to be swept, and areas which were tagged with graffiti to be ‘wiped’ clean (the trailer came equipped with "Graffiti Wipes", rakes, brooms, and litter-pickers, as well as other clean-up tools).

Many thanks to all who took time out of their busy Saturday morning to make a difference to the Central Park Community.

Further thanks to Acclamation Bar & Grill who hosted the Clean-up gang afterwards. A good time was had by all!!