Marta and Iqra

Marta Stiteler shares a smile with Iqra, a student at Hess Street School. Marta had just presented Iqra with a copy of 'Charlotte's Web', along with a journal on the last day of the reading program. She later received this letter from Iqra's teacher, Kathryn Tuite.

"Thank You so very much for coming in to spend time reading and becoming friends with Iqra. She was so happy and proud to have you as her special reading buddy.

"She has made amazing strides since arriving in Canada in November 2011. Her life hasn't been easy, yet she is always ready with a sunny smile and a helping hand.

"She loved her book and journal. In fact she kept going to her bag to peek at them. That was such a kind and thoughtful gesture.

"More than anything gifts of time are appreciated by my students. I am delighted to have met you and hope that you will continue working with the students at Hess."

For Marta, the jesture came naturally. "Iqra is such an amazing girl, I wanted to give her something that she could look forward to reading in the future. It touched me to know that such a small gesture made such a large impact."