The Rotary Club of Hamilton AM took up the challenge and held a Participate for Polio event on Saturday October 24.  Using the Raise for Rotary platform, we collected $2538.00 dollars at last count with a few more donations still coming in. 
There were three things that made this event extra special:
  • Everyone in our club was challenged to share the end polio story with one or two neighbours and friends so that more know what Rotary is on the cusp of doing in terms of end polio now
  • Donations came from current members, past members and friends and families of members.  So the news was shared and it results in many putting money forward as pledges to help us achieve our dream. 
  • There was a choice in how far people walked or if they even walked or rode their bicycles.  It was a wonderful way to be together in the real world again and show off our Rotarians at Work attitude!   Many thanks to Anne Bermingham and her family for hosting this event in Ancaster!