Boy, is it rewarding to see Hamilton AM fundraising resulting in big improvements!  A recent "Update Report" from Carol Cowan-Morneau from Mission Services explains how our recent donation was put to good use by creating warm and inviting spaces that are conducive too helping women and children heal from trauma and learn how to prevent violence in the future.
Carol writes "Your gift of $10,000 enabled us to purchase new flooring, furnishings, and lights needed to create
refreshed and more appealing program areas.

When spaces look safe and cared for, those who enter are more likely to feel safe and cared for as well.
Since the renovation and refresh was completed, LEAF staff have heard many positive things from women and children, such as “the space is so relaxing”, “I could stay here all day”, and “It’s so pretty!” Staff also get people knocking on their door often, just to ask to hang out in the rooms now!

All of it is thanks to you! Thank you for giving families safe, beautiful areas to feel more open to
learning, healing, and growing.

Carol Cowan-Morneau