How to do a MAKE-UP?

If you miss one of our regular meetings for any reason, and attend meeting at another  Rotary Club, at their registration desk ask for a make-up card. Upon your return, submit it to Sharon Smikle.  If you miss a meeting, however attend our Club's Board Meeting or attend a Planning Meeting for Club Activities; if you participate in a District Meeting, an Area Meeting, or a Rotary Conference submit this information to Sharon Smikle.


These all count as make-ups and will improve our club's overall Attendance, which in turn will bring great honor to our President. You can attend a Cyberspace Rotary Club meeting and they will send proof directly to the club secretary, Sharon Smikle. There are so many ways to do a make-up, it boggles the mind how come we don't all have perfect attendance. Please take an active interest in making up. And let Sharon know when you do.