Ray Howe, Dennis Willms - president of Salama Shield Foundation, and club president John Baxter

At our March 12 meeting, Dennis Willms, the founding director of the Salama Shield Foundation was the guest speaker. Dennis spoke about the role that Rotary played in the huge success of this project and how much the money donated has helped the communities in Uganda and Malawi. Rotary’s partnership has allowed communities to restore social bonds, empower women, and decrease marital abuse. The AIDS dilemma was at a great height when Rotary partnered with the Salama Shield foundation but with the club’s support, programs were put in place to assist people in these difficult situations. The 3H grant that was awarded contributed greatly to the success of the programs and a new cheque of $39,362.02 was granted to Mr. Willms. In addition, the Salama Shield Foundation will be holding an event in Toronto on June 12th.