Hamilton Arts & Letters writes "Our thanks to Rotary Club of Hamilton for Supporting the "Short Works Prize" and sponsoring "The Rotary Club of Hamilton AM Young Writers Awards"
Photograph by Peter Stevens, HA&L 2008.
The Hamilton Arts & Letters Magazine announced the following winners:

Rand Amer: Clouds Aren’t As Soft As You Think – George Floyd
(Creative Non-Fiction)

Rochelle Rosales: for bees (Poetry)

Oyinloluwa Aderibigbe: The Age Old Conundrum (Poetry)

Ruth Ann Bos: Forest Fire (Poetry)

Morgan Faragher: Noctis or Nix (Fiction)

Ben Hemsworth: The Sunbathers (Fiction)

Hannah Rosales: When I Find You (Fiction)

Illyria Volcansek: One Hundred and Twenty-Two Seconds (Fiction)

Franklin Gaydos: The Tome Runners (Fiction)
Ian Will: A GAY TEENAGE DREAM (Fiction)
Sarah Walker: Servitude (Fiction)
Simon Versteeg: Wetness (Fiction)
Natalie Begley: Debris (Poetry)
Olivia Walker: On The Sandy Shore (Poetry)

– JUROR: Hamilton Arts & Letters magazine

The award winners were grateful for their prizes and offered the following comments:

Wow, I am very happy to receive this, thank you!

Everything mentioned works for me too - and
I would be happy to send a video, when would it be best to send it by?

I thank you very much for this honour. I am very touched.
I will be glad to take a picture with my certificate and I’ll make a 3-minute video.
With thanks,

This is lovely, lovely news—thank you. Feeling very privileged!
With regard to the video, when should we ideally send these in by?
Thank you for organizing the Short Works Prize and for providing light to the wonderful artists in this city.
Kind regards,

Good morning.
Thank you for this opportunity! I am ecstatic to receive this award. I will send you a recording of my poem within the next week.
I appreciate your time, commitment, and dedication.
Warm regards,

I feel so honoured to receive this award. Thank you very much. This makes me so happy, excited and proud!

I will record and send the video of me reading my story soon. Thank you very much for your work in organizing this!

I am so excited and honoured to be chosen as Short Works Prize winner! Your email made my day!
I'll work on a video of myself reading it to send you.
Thank you so much!

Thank you so much, this is wonderful news! The title of my work is correct, along with my name.
I will be sure to take a photo with my certificate.
Have a lovely evening!
Kind regards,

That's great.
I don't have an office chair.  This will go toward that.
Thank you so much.