Most Rotary Clubs have new members complete brief "Classification Talks" as a way of introducing themselves to the membership.  In the case of new member, Jayne Eastwood, she has such a storied biography - actress, comedienne, bon vivant, that she was invited to be guest speaker at the January 24, 2024 club meeting.  Jayne has been featured in over 300 stage, movie and small screen productions in her career.
To get the "full story" and show Jayne's talents at their best, she was interviewed by Past-President, Mark Ewer using "Talk Show" format.  Sure enough, facing some probing questions by Mr. Ewer (who was, by the way, dressed resplendently for the occasion), Jayne answered with alacrity, but unfortunately no one really knew how truthfully!  When asked if she had ever beat her three children she replied "never" but did admit to some sketchy home cooking!
Jayne has offered to help "pump up" Hamilton AM entertainment by members and will be an outstanding contributor to future club events, we are sure.
The session ended with a rousing version of "Day by Day", the famous, hit song from one of Jayne's early productions, Godspell!