This story was submitted by club member, Simon Boucher (Clarification: the title by the Editor refers to altitude, not drug use).
On October 1, 2023,  Hamilton AM club member Paul Lakin and I had a great afternoon out at the SOSA gliding Club in Rockton, ON. With warm weather and clear skies, we couldn't have asked for a better day to try gliding for the first time.
We each enjoyed about 30-60 minutes of flying with our pilot, Dale. The views @ 4200 ft were fantastic, and we each had the chance to steer the glider for a few minutes (personally, my favourite part of the afternoon). Although Paul didn't take up the offer to steer, he did encourage Dale to take him on a more adventurous flight; banking the glider at flight, encouraging Dale to take on 45° turns and mimicking some of the hawks flying nearby. No matter the case, a great time was certainly had by all. 
Special thanks to our host, Dr. Dale Guenter, who donated the prize and took each of us up in his state-of-the-art Arcus glider. Dale's expertise and finesse as a pilot really brought the whole experience to a new level.  Special thanks also to the Imagine Gala Planning Committee and those involved in the Golden Ticket raffle! Winning the Golden Ticket this year has been an unforgettable experience.
Submitted by Simon Boucher