Rotary Clowns for Kids at Hamilton's Santa Claus Parade
The Rotary Club of Hamilton AM is proud to present another successful year clowning around in the Hamilton’s Santa Clause Parade.

This unique, unforgettable and extraordinary success gives Rotarian’s and generous members of the community a chance to lead by example and to encourage our younger generation to get involved with community fundraising.  Modeled on the very successful Celebrity Clowns in Toronto and the Clowns for Kids in Brantford, Hamilton and area Rotarians collect sponsorships for the opportunity to join in the annual Santa Claus Parade, greeting kids and generally “clowning around.”

Participants are generous members of the community who donate a minimum of $500 to become a “Clowns for Kids” clown.  Dressing up as a clown is special way of blending fun with serious charity fundraising, as they entertain kids and their families along the Parade route.  Clown Participants can also nominate youth clowns to join them in this lifetime experience. “The greatest gift you give from this event is putting the beautiful smiles on the kids and adults faces.”