At the November 22, 2023 Simon Boucher gave his "Classification Talk".  In Rotary parlance, "Classification"  is the occupation/profession held by the member.  This heralds back to Rotary's first meetings where only one person in each local classification could be admitted to membership.
Simon was aware that another new member would be talking about the same classification in the near future so instead, he chose to talk about his penultimate classification, full time clinical support worker for Bethesda Services in the Niagara Region.  Bethesda's Vision is to inspire, encourage and empower children, youth, and adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and their families, to live their best lives. They take on those individuals that might be considered high behavior, or in need of more specialized care, so this is done through a network of clinical supports.
As frontline staff member he worked with an interdisciplinary clinical team to help bring individuals to a healthier place holistically. This is done by engineering an environment were they could help them meet certain goals.  This was a very demanding but rewarding role.
Members who have met Simon have been impressed with his warm, engaging manner and willingness to help out where he can.  In a short time he has achieved some notoriety by winning the raffle at this past summer's Imagine Summer Gala fundraiser.  Not only that, he picked as his prize, one of the Live Auction items - a glider ride even though he is afraid of heights!  Thankfully he has lived to tell about the experience and looks forward to more Hamilton AM Rotary opportunities.  Congratulations on joining our club, Simon - we are very glad to have you as a member!