On Saturday, June 1, 2013 our President Shikha married the love of her life, Amit in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony in Montreal, Quebec.

Club President Shikha Sareen in her wedding Saree


It was an honour to be included as a guest and join with both families on this special day. Unfortunately I missed the Friday evening bracelet ceremony where Shikha's family covered her arms in bracelets. You can see the bracelets in the pictures.  Saturday morning began with a special ceremony for the groom by his family which lead into the arrival of the groom on horseback where he had to purchase his way in to the ceremony.

Amit on horseback

Amit's Uncle adopted us, placed family scarves around our necks and we accompanied the groom in the procession, complete with drums and dancing, where he was met by Shikha's family. Parents bartered with parents, siblings with siblings and aunts/uncles with aunts/uncles. At one point credit cards were being waived around as Amit wanted to get in and marry his bride. Finally he was admitted and the wedding began.

The wedding ceremony

There are many stages in the Hindu wedding with Shikha leading Amit around the fire 3 times before they were pronounced husband and wife. Following the wedding we enjoyed a traditional lunch, had a brief break before the evening preceding's began.  After a reception, an aerialist performer and speeches, Shikha declared "let the party begin" and the non-stop Bollywood style dancing began at 9:00 pm and apparently continued until after 2:00 am (Ruth was still there). It was an incredible experience for all.

wedding dance

Congratulations Shikha and Amit!