Your organization may be eligible for a Minor Grant up to a maximum of $500.00.  Please review the criteria on the chart below and attach Explanatory Notes, limited to one page.
Please print, complete, scan and e-mail your request providing the information on the form below to The Rotary Club of Hamilton AM – Minor Grant Request - or mail to The Rotary Club of Hamilton AM, PO BOX 209, 423 King St West, Hamilton, ON L8P 1B5
Minor Grant - Request Form
Date:  __________________________ Amount requested: [max $500]    $_____________  
Organization the grant would be payable to if approved:
Name of organization:   ___________________________________________________________
Attention of: ____________________________________________________________________
Address:     _____________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________ Ontario  Postal Code:  ______________________
Phone number ___________________________ Email __________________________________
Please confirm compliance with grant criteria and attach Explanatory Notes:
Criteria to be met
The grant must be for a specific project
The project must be community focused
The project must fit with current Rotary Club of Hamilton AM’s priorities such as i) Literacy,
ii) poverty, iii) children’s well-being, etc.
The project must be within the City of Hamilton, preferably the North End if possible or within  reasonable proximity
The grant must be time specific, not open- ended and thereby used within a reasonable time frame, in the opinion of the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM
In your "Explanatory Notes" please also outline how the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM will be recognized for its contribution.
Name and signature of Official submitting request ____________________________________